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The Nice One

People think just because you’re the quiet one, you’re the nice one. They’re wrong!
You’re not nice. You’re patient.
When all three of us girls, talk, squeal, nag, chatter away or make unintelligible noises at the same time, you manage to keep calm and love us anyway.
You’re not nice. You’re generous.
When so many men your age think about cars, gadgets & other guy stuff, you think of us. You always put yourself last and strive to provide for us and more without asking for anything in return.
You’re not nice. You’re a loving man.
While so many men get jaded & cold, you manage to keep your innocence. Despite your worries, busy schedule and everything else on your shoulders, you still manage to play with the girls and laugh your heart out like you’re a kid too.
You’re not nice. You’re trustworthy.
When so many men try to find ways not to get caught, you value what is true and what is honest. Despite what is going on around us, I know that we can always count on you to do what is right.
You’re not nice. You’re a blessing. 
I may worry about the girls all the time, be the bad cop all the time, but there’s one thing I know for sure. When the time comes for them to choose their husbands, I know they will choose well because they’ll know what to look for in a partner. Because of you they’ll know what a real man is.
People think just because your the quiet one, your the nice one. They’re wrong!
We both know you snore like a Harley! Still, we both know I can’t sleep without hearing it. 

We love you Daddy! Always. Always. 
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