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Retail Therapy

Paulo Coelho once said when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. This is true, even when it comes to shopping. 

Okay, so maybe I’m using a great quote to justify something purely superficial, but hey, a girl needs a little retail therapy now and then. The other day, I had a good cry and hubby wanted to cheer me up. I trooped to the nearest mall and got really good deals. 

I’m not really good at posing for pictures and I’d rather take them than be in them. However, being in my 30’s I have to at least take some pictures to show my grandchildren that grandma was once H.O.T. right?

So, forgive the cam-whoring and check out some of the steals I got 😉

Dress # 1 – Mango knit dress, got it on sale at Php 945. I love how versatile this dress can be, I can go from slightly-slutty-cowgirl to prim and proper with just a change of accessories

Dress # 2 – Missy , this dress has a bit of corporate feel and should look great with a jacket. I am so loving the baby collar. It’s sexy without being slutty. What’s best? I got it at 50% off for Php 500. It should, fit perfectly if I give up cupcakes for a week. 
Dress # 3 – Bayo halter dress. It’s in chiffon but with the prints its casual enough to wear to the mall but can also be spruced up for Sunday brunch. For Php 545 pesos it’s a steal. 

Till next therapy session, toodles!

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