SCAM ME NOT: Platehead Scam/Spam Email

Thank God for my procrastination in checking my emails. Thank God for distracting me with my pregnancy hormones and for my new found addiction to GMANewsTV, CNN, FOXNews and Bandila. Thank God to Sen. Tito Sotto for entertaining me with his antics as a comedian-turned-Senator-turned-comedian!
It took a couple of weeks before I got to read this email, looking for a web content writer and since I am currently not looking for new work, I was able to concentrate more on the email and not get sucked in. It’s one of those trying to be legit, fast-easy-money schemes that can really do you in if you are not careful.
What clued me in about this cheap, revolting scam? Apart from the horrendous grammar and composition, here are some things I noted:

  • It was asking for a free sample of my work  
  • The email promised money but did not include the currency. 
  • I Googled  their site and the domain already expired as of August 25, 2012. The email was sent to me August 7, 2012. 
  • Other bloggers who also wrote about Platehead.com that confirmed my suspicions.  Thank you guys!

Here’s an email I got from Platehead.com, mom-bloggers please beware;-)


We are looking for committed individuals to add to our team as internet marketing assistants/Virtual Assistants/Web content writers/copywriters

Job description:
You will be given a wide array of internet marketing related tasks and projects, especially search engine optimization work.
Tasks would include writing blog posts, publishing articles, web development, creating joint ventures with other websites, etc.
Skills required:
You must be fluent in written and conversant in the English language
You must be proficient with web-mailing, browsing, word processing, spreadsheets, etc.
Experience with building/managing websites and HTML,CSS,PHP, etc. are preferred.
Internet marketing experience preferred, but not required.
College degree preferred, but not required.
“Willingness to learn new skills useful for Internet marketing”


13000-14000 per month starting pay.
How to apply:
Please submit atleast 1 article about “Information Security & Techonology” to writers@platehead.com
This job is 3 hours a day and 5 days a week we offer high compensation for qualified employees.
Yeah, sure pull a fast one on my why don’t you!

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