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What’s Cooking: McCormick Adobong Pula

The adobo is one of the staple dishes in a Pinoy kitchen, for me it’s my go-to dish when I run out of ideas on what to serve my family. However, perfecting the adobo is a topic of much debate and variety, there are many kinds, adobo sa puti, sa pula, adobo with coconut and so on. It can be done with chicken, pork, fish, beef and even vegetables.  One thing I’ve learned before I was able to cook my own perfect adobo, is that every household has their own way of cooking it and the taste relies very much on the taste of the chef. 
Sometime ago I got some McCormick Adobo Mixes from YummyEats 2012 and in one of our hectic days I decided to try it. We were busy, hungry and we wanted something homey, hot and fast for dinner. I got some chicken and my McCormick Adobo Pula mix and went straight to cooking. It’s pretty much easy peasy cooking with a mix and here’s what I did. 
1 packet McCormick Adobo Pula Mix
2 tbsp cooking oil
5 cloves garlic (crushed)
1 small onion
1/4 tsp crushed black pepper
2-3 pcs laurel leaves
5-6 pcs chicken, cleaned and cut in serving portions
**for this recipe, I used half a kilo of chicken
1. Using a shallow pan,  I browned some chicken in a bit oil until it began to render it’s own fat. I removed the excess and added the onions, crushed garlic, laurel leaves and black pepper. 
2. I stirred in 1 pack of McCormick Adobo Pula mix along with half cup of water. The instructions on the packet called for one full cup but we want our abodo a bit dry in these parts. 
3. I let it simmer until cooked and served with steamed rice. Yumyum!
Overall, it was a good filling dish the chicken was tasty and it had that homecooked adobo feel. If no one new about the adobo mix, it would receive very good comments. I did wish I put a bit of soy sauce or salt though since I want my adobo to be on the salty side, but as for the rest of my family they all gave thumbs up. So, I guess it’s a good kitchen helper to keep in my pantry for those kind of days and I can’t wait to try the other variants.