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To My Husband: Happy Father’s Day

Remember in college, when we went to visit an orphanage in Pasil? You didn’t know it then but I was looking at you and how the kids seemed to gravitate towards you. Some kids were sickly, snot nosed and dirty but you didn’t mind. You played with them like you were a kid too, in such a short time you made them feel loved. That was when I knew you would make a great dad. Now that we have our own and one on the way, I’d like to thank you for being the best dad there is. 
For being “Daddy the Teacher”, “Daddy the Kite”, “Daddy the Payer”, “Daddy the Officer”, “Daddy the Watcher”, “Daddy the Doctor”, for all this and more, thank you! One day is never enough to celebrate YOU, we love you Daddy!

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