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Oh My Gawd! You Said What To the Pretty Lady?!

Over the last two years since Sofie began to REALLY TALK, she has always managed to make me laugh with her witty antics. In fact, the things that come out of her mouth can very well make it to Cosby’s Kids Say the Darnest Things show. You know how cute those kids are and how you sometimes wish you were half as cute? Well, think of the darnest thing you’ve heard . . . then think really hard on how it would feel if you were that kid’s mother!

I should have known our trip to Yummy Eats 2012 would not be complete without a “Sofie Type Misdemeanor”.

I have always been very proud of my daughter, she is a smart, mild mannered, reasonable and well behaved child. Well, at least when she is not pulling people’s skirts, touching them in a weird way and talking about their underwear.

After some epic grazing experience, we went to watch the Hunt’s Mother-Child Cook Off. My friend spotted TV Host, Ms. Issa Litton beside the stage and we asked her if our kids can take a picture with her. She graciously accepted and she seemed genuinely nice to the girls. See the picture above? Notice anything? 
Sofie was apparently more interested in checking her out than having her photo taken. After the quick photo op, my daughter decided she’s not done yet. She just sat there with her back to me, talking to the host and I couldn’t really see what she was doing. I was making my way to her when I heard Issa Litton laughing . . . I thought “Oh, Sofie’s being funny again” . . . then Issa said “I promise I won’t let people get my panty”. 
My brain was like “Oh My Gawd! You Said What To the Pretty Lady?!” 
I asked Sofie what happened afterwards. Actually, I asked her more than just a couple of times to get the story straight. Here’s what she told me; “I was sitting beside the pretty girl and her pink dress and   I  help her pulled down her skirt, it was short and people  might get her panty and I said to the girl people  might get her panty.” . . . Holy Mother!
This is what I get for teaching Sofie to sit properly and not let anybody see her undies, just like my mother taught me and my Lola taught her. Holy Mother! Whenever my daughter delivers one of her punch lines, I always feel a fine mixture of  giddiness, awe, pride, mortification with a hefty dash of WTF!
Issa was very understanding, she apparently found it funny and even commended my kid for having a good accent (thanks to Disney). 
To Ms. Issa Litton: If you ever get to read this post, I do sincerely apologize if you were offended. If not, well I hope, for a brief moment, you were very much entertained πŸ˜‰

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