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Beanie Baby

Beanie Baby
Good things come when you least expect them and a couple of months ago we got our second big surprise! It has been a while since I last posted something here and most of it is because of this little nudger here. When my OB said that no two pregnancies are ever the same, she wasn’t freaking kidding. The difference between the first time and this one is night and day. Back when I had Sofie, I was lucky enough to be one of those women who sail through pregnancy without as much as a trace of morning sickness. Now, I think I’m making up for all those nauseating, irritating and weakening symptoms I’ve missed by having almost every pregnancy symptom in the book. I had to do bed rest for a couple of weeks, hated everything that did not smell like clean air, morning sickness that went on throughout the day, had palpitations, hyperventilation, constipation and cravings that creep up during the wee hours of the night. I am sooooo happy I’m well past that stage.
Still, despite my rough first trimester, I am very thankful that the baby is healthy and thriving very well. Besides, I think hubby had a rougher time balancing a hormonal wife, a 4 year old kid and work while I basically barfed my way through it, all curled up in bed. 
For now we don’t know what the gender is yet, Sofie calls it Beanie Baby. She was with me during my OB visit and said the baby looked like a bean. So, Beanie Baby it is!