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Sofia’s Holiday Plans

As a new mom, I am always worried that I am not doing a good job. In fact there are times when I think, I may be screwing my kid up. Then there are those magic moments where all my worries fade away and I grow up a little too. 
We have been monitoring the situation in Northern Mindanao afftected by Typhoon Sendong for a few days now since we have friends and family in the area. Whenever we watch the news we try to not let Sofie see the more sensitive images. Last Monday, while watching TV Patrol, she often asked me what happened to the people in TV and why are their houses wet and dirty. I had to explain to her that their houses were washed away because of the storm and they have nothing left. 
Here’s how our conversation went:
Mommy: “They don’t have houses, clothes and food”. 
Sofie: “They can go to Ministop” 
Mommy: “They don’t have Ministop, too because of the storm”
Suddenly she got up and locked the front door, “I don’t like my house to be wet!” she finally said. At this moment I was thinking, oh darn it, I’m raising a snob!
Later that night, after her bedtime story, she kept turning around in bed and kept opening her eyes. I told her that it was late and that she needed to get some sleep. After a few more minutes of counting sheep, she suddenly said, “Mommy, the kids houses are wet, their chairs are wet, it’s lying down not standing up, even their Ministop is wet”. She was really looking stressed at this point so I asked her what she wanted to do “We go to fix their house so the kids houses are not wet”. 
And there it was the magic moment. 
My daughter reminded me that instead of stressing on our Christmas plans, gifts and what nots there are more important things. 
The following day we looked for ways to help and instead of physically going there to “fix” houses, she agreed to give away her some toys, old clothes and early Christmas gift from Tita E. 
If you want to help out Typhoon Sendong Victims please see the useful links below;

For Residents in Cebu City

U.P. CEBU ALPHA PHI OMEGA ALUMNI ASSOCIATION is conducting a RELIEF OPERATIONS DRIVE. We will be accepting relief donations, in any forms ( clothing, food supplies ) It will be collated and sent to ILIGAN & CDO on 23rd of December 2011.
You may drop your donations at U.P. Cebu Guardhouse.

Send Stuffed Toys to Children and Toiletries for Women (Drop off  points all over Manila and QC)

Red Cross
LBC Foundation – Accepts all kinds of goods to be shipped for free. 
PAL – Accepts all kinds of goods to be shipped for free. 
Let’s all make magic moments!