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On Preschool & Epic Fails

On Preschool
Being a first time mom means being constantly shocked by things your child does or things that you end up doing because of the said little munchkin. Sofie has been going to pre-school for a couple of months now and we can see how happy she is and even for a short period of time we can see that she is becoming a well rounded, compassionate child. Now being new to the preschool routine, hubby and I of course try to make sure that she has everything she needs. Every morning we wake up early, hubby prepares her baon while I get her ready for school. I go with her to school and stay until she gets out and we diligently check the teacher’s reminders every time it is sent. I like how we as a family are all excited to be doing this preschool thing then I hear stuff like “Is she your only child?” ” Ahhh that’s why.” Does it mean that the excitement and attention wanes or gets divided the more children you have? Well, I sure hope not, after all love doesn’t get divided it just multiplies. 
On Epic Fails
I’ve always been a DIY kinda girl and I guess now I’m a DIY kinda mom. Since Sofie entered school during the middle of the year, she is basically the only one running around wearing regular clothes instead of her school uniform. We tried to order one but unfortunately they don’t have it in her size anymore and would need to have one done. I found the cost of 1 set to be a bit pricey and thought well since I already made her a gown for Halloween, a school uniform would be easy. After all it was just a blouse and jumper set, easy enough, right? NOT!!!  I was able to do the jumper quite successfully since it was pretty much shaped like a pillow case with straps. The blouse on the other hand. . . EPIC FAIL! Who knew the bane of my existence would lie in a baby collar. So I ended up making three jumpers and buying the upper uniform in the mall then I just attached the patch. 
How NOT to Make a Uniform
Over all I still managed to save a few hundred pesos but the stress the baby collar gave me was immense! Nevertheless, the first time we put on Sofie’s uniform she was so happy looking so grown up. Despite my epic fail her smile was simply priceless.