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Eastwood Preschool and Enrichment Fair 2011

Deciding on whether to send your child to pre-school and which one to go to can be a very long and difficult process. I guess what’s really important is finding the school who shares your vision as a parent as well as a place that your child is comfortable with. Of course, other considerations are important too like cost, distance, teacher-child ratio and so on. 

Sofie’s starting to get bored with our home school/play school set up. So far she’s able to write her name(when the mood strikes) as well as read and write simple words but I can tell that she really needs to be with other kids and not just with Mommy all the time. Hubby and I have decided to move Sofie from play school to Kindergarten and we think we’ve found the best match for us. 

The bottom line is which school do you feel most comfortable with, to whom would you entrust your child’s learning and which school matches your own family values and lifestyle. Take advantage of the free trial classes offered by the schools, this will give you a good idea of how things are run and don’t forget to ask your child’s input. Privately. I have to emphasize the word “privately”, I once made the mistake of asking my kid if she liked a school we visited and she said ” No, I don’t like” with eyes poking directly at the teacher.  Tsk, Tsk, Tsk. Kids have a 6th sense about these things so we never came back;-)

Eastwood City Mall is holding it’s 2nd Preschool and Enrichment Fair for the year, the event started last Nov. 3, 2011 and will run until Nov. 9,2011. If you haven’t picked out a pre-school for your young one and you live in Quezon City, it’s a great one stop shop while doing some early Holiday shopping too. 

Here’s some of my personal picks, I’ve included an estimate of their tuition. They have very flexible payment schemes that parents can choose from 😉

Pail and Shovel Integrated School is a progressive school located in Cubao, Q.C. The school believes in the  holistic development of children through hands-on learning and dynamic interaction. They are family oriented and the entire faculty is UP educated. They also have various enrichment programs like ballet, martial arts and cooking classes. 
Contact Information:, 09228143041
Price Estimate: 75,000-80,000/year 

WCC Kids Academy International is also a progressive school that uses Australian and Korean curricula along with thematic teaching methods. Enrichment classes include Language arts, Arts & Crafts, Taekwondo, Dance and Photography classes. They are located near Robinson’s Galleria. 
Contact Information: /  (632) 6875791 | 0917-5968624   Price Estimate: 75,000 – 78,000 /year

Cradle of Joy – Center for Learning is a Catholic progressive school that uses multiple-intelligence program with emphasis on Cristian values, as well as social and environmental awareness of the child. They also use a  thematic  learning approach in teaching. They are located in Kamuning Q.C
Contact Information: / 9210602, 8714553, 09285018388
Price Estimate: 70,000-75,000 /year

O.B Montessori Center is located in Greenhills. They employ classical montessori education from Toddlers, Casa, Grade school and High School. I did not really inquire much but a friend of mine has nothing but praises for the school after having all her 3 sons attend the Montessori. They also have branches in Fairview, Las Pinas and Sta. Ana. 
Contact Information: / (02)7229720
Price Estimate: 80,000 – 95,000 /year

Good luck Mom’s and Dad’s! Happy hunting;-) 

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