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Mommy Still Rocks!

Yes I was a teenage rocker! I swore to myself when I was about 13 that I would marry Kurt Cobain, looking back I would choose my hubby over Kurt anytime. I’m much older and wiser now, but I still rock and in the wee hours of the night when the house is sleeping I put on my headset and rock to the beat while fingers tap away in the keyboard. 
My taste for music has definitely widened and I can listen to anything from Sarah Brightman’s Nella Fantasia, any song by Adele and 2ne1 KPop hits, but still nothing beats good old grunge. It’s a better alternative to breaking dishes, trust me. 
My favorite local underground band is very close to my heart. SPEAKEASY is a grunge band with a touch of blues. What I like is their music, it does not compromise and it is what it is! It’s the perfect grunge outlet for a stay-at-home toddler mom, better and much cheaper than therapy 😉 They  are originally from Leyte and hit the music scene in Cebu in the early 90’s where I also went to college and became good friends with the bassist who is like a brother to me. So, yeah, I love their band!

They are currently hitting the streets of Manila spreading their music in the south. If you live around these parts or simply a fan of OPM music vote for them at the Southern Project poll.

Not working for you? Maybe Dad will like it! For gigs check them out on Facebook and ReverbNation

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