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Daddy Ver 2.O

When I gave birth, I passed out the moment my daughter came out of me and only got to see her hours after in the nursery. I still remember feeling the jitters as I forced myself to snap out of the anesthesia and the nurse told me that I can see her. The first time I held my daughter to breastfeed, she looked into my eyes, then to my breasts, then into my eyes again, she raised one eyebrow and that’s how I knew she was truly mine. The eyebrow raising gene is something that has plagued women in my family, it’s involuntary, we even do it while laughing. 
During her first year, there was constant debate as to who she looked like. The battle was between my Dad and my husband. She had the same round face as my dad, same eyes and nose. My Dad already had cataracts at the time, but we told him that they looked alike. He would always tell Sofie “Apo ko, you are so beautiful, you look like Lolo but I can not see you!” Toinks!
She had Hubby’s fingers, toes and ears. It really ticks me that she’s got the ears, it’s not even, one is round and the other is pointy, like one is from Middle Earth and the other is from the Land of the Elves! The only thing she got from me are her eyebrows and magnanimous vocal prowess, of course! Wink wink!

Now that she is three, I am amazed at how much she looks and acts like her father. They sleep in the same position, they toss and tumble the same way that I even called it “synchronized sleeping”.
They also have the same temperament, when ever I get hyped and upset at something they did, both would just grin sheepishly and look at me like they do not have any idea what I’m talking about. They would hug me and tell me to calm down. My daughter’s words are “Mommy, you happy? You happy Mommy!”. They both know how to manipulate my weaknesses and with this pair, I am doomed 😉
Regardless, I love both of them very much and it’s double the fun too with this Daddy and Daddy Ver 2.0, there is never a dull moment and problems always seem to be lighter.