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Crowning Moments! Blogger Tag!

I have never enjoyed tag as a kid since I am usually the IT and I fell down a lot, but now I learned of a new game of tag that only requires my fingertips to type away. Thanks to Spanish Pinay for including me in this amazing blogger-tag game, simply because I’m crazy! Ha ha ha (evil laugh)!’
Since I’m IT, I need to answer a few questions and tag 4 other bloggers, so here we go;
1. Do you think you’re hot? 
Oh yeah! Sizzling hot and spicy!!! Of course, I have my bad hair days and not so fine days but mostly I’m hot, really I  am. I even have my own theme music . . . tugz, tugz, tugz! Whapish!

2. Upload the picture of the wallpaper you’re using at the moment:
Ahhh! The elusive beauty shot!
3. When was the last time you ate chicken meat?

Ooooh! I have a bad memory! If I’m right, it’s last weekend, I didn’t cook since we were so busy with preparing for our big move so hubby just ordered, langhap sarap Jollibee Chicken Joy. I always have mine with extra steak sauce and Sofie calls is “crunchy-crunchy”. Nothing beats Pinoy taste. Yum!

4. 4 Songs you listened to lately.
The first two I really liked, the last two only because I was forced to listen. 

  • 2NE1’s Loney – it was my LSS (last song syndrome) for almost 2 weeks now and hubby is just in pain.
  • Fleetwood Mac’s Songbird – I love the Glee version but super loved the original one. 
  • Yo Gabba Gabba Theme Songs – I don’t understand any of them, something about biting and dancing. My brain is just numb to the sound. 
  • Wonderpets – I listen to this because we’re on our way to help the baby zebra and save the day. As my daughter sings it “We’re not too bee and we’re not too tuck, when we when todether we got the rye tuck!”

5. What were you thinking while you were doing this.

Hurry up and make sure we are not late for playschool ๐Ÿ˜‰

6. Do you have nicknames, what are they?
My parents and close friends call me Wang, they say it’s a shortcut of my name but I don’t really get that. My sister calls me Pie, as a child I was a very picky eater and could survive for weeks at a time eating only bread and egg pie (Filipino Custard Pie). 

Now it’s my turn to tag and tackle! Ha ha ha! (another evil laugh)

Who’s listed as #1?
Mariel because she is new to blogging and I think it’s a nice welcome, plus she has amazing homeschooling ideas!

How did you get to know #3?
I met her throughMommy Journey’s Mommy Moments meme 

How about #4?
I was just blurking online looking for a mommy meme and found Chris’ Mommy Moments! I love it and have been joining as often as I can;-)

Leave a lovey-dovey message for #2

Hi Mommy France, 
It’s amazing how small the world is, knowing we have common friends. You are one cool momblogger and I’m happy to have met you in cyberspace! More power to your blog and  hoping to join Nanay Online soon ๐Ÿ˜‰

Now it’s your turn!