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Barefoot and Hormonal

I have been feeling pretty hormonal lately, I am not sure if it has anything to do with our big move this Sunday but I’ve been pretty cranky, always thinking about small babies and been craving for Kowloon Siopao (steamed buns). I’m a couple of days late, and since my period is always spot on , I took a pregnancy test last night using a home kit and my heart kind of skipped a little. It had one really bright pink line and a really faint second line, a weak positive. Are you kidding me?Am I or am I not pregnant!?  I need to know so I can have a party already! The home kit can not make up it’s mind, so we have to re-do it today.

I showed Hubby to make sure it’s not my imagination and he asked me if it was a boy! Men! 

I remembered when I was pregnant with Sofie, I didn’t really crave for any particular food but boy I was full of waterworks. I cry about almost anything, I even cried watching commercials. One time after I got off work, I went to the nearby McDonald’s and waited for Hubby to pick me up. All day I have been thinking about having a strawberry milkshake, so despite the immense crowd that for some reason decided to eat there that morning I waited for my turn to order. When I finally got to the counter, I was greeted courteously and I asked for my strawberry milkshake. The girl went to the milkshake machine and fiddled with it a little, then she called her manager and HE fiddled with it a little. After about 5 minutes of fiddling, she managed to produce a CHOCOLATE milkshake and handed it to another service crew who then handed it to another customer. Errr, where was MY milkshake?! The girl walked back and forth for a bit and ignored my evil stare. I could just imagine all of them singing “My milkshake brings all the boys in the yard” and had the urge to smack somebody really bad.

This girl went back to the milkshake machine and I thought at this point she was making MY milkshake, then the machine sort of sputtered and gave a weird sound. She called her manager, the manager fiddled with it again, is he a freakin’ technician? The man who was sent to Earth for the sole purpose of fixing milkshake machines? No, no he is not! 
It’s been ten minutes and still no strawberry milkshake, I could already feel Sofie stirring about in my tummy. She wants her milkshake too! I asked the girl calmly, “Miss, wala pa ba ung milkshake?” (Miss, still no milkshake?). She ignored me again and sort of just turned her back at me, facing the ridiculous machine. I asked again, she came to me and said “Sorry po, the strawberry is not available and our machine is broken.”  Really now! After fifteen minutes! Needless to say I blew my top off and people looked at me like I was a crazy person. 
Give me a break! I was 7 months pregnant, working the night shift, I had acne, had a bad hair year, I had cankles, my shoes don’t fit right anymore and they made me wait 15 minutes just to tell me that they could not give me one.measly.strawberry.milkshake! 
Defeated, I went outside, stood in the middle of the parking lot crying my eyes out because I didn’t get my strawberry milkshake. Thank God Hubby found me in time and rescued me AND McDonald’s from my tantrum. He took me out to have a nice lunch and he gave me ice-cream too!
Oh and about the PT, I’ll let you know as soon as I know!
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  • Suzanne McClendon

    How exciting that you might be expecting another baby! Best wishes to you.

    I understand about waiting and not getting the milkshake and it making you cry. The cravings can be really fierce! My husband used to have to drive about 20 miles to feed my cravings when I was pregnant the first time and we lived way out in the country. I didn't crave something nice like ice cream. It was fried chicken liver that I had to have at 3am. haha

    I am glad that your husband rescued you and took you for a nice lunch and everything worked out ok.

    Thank you for visiting and commenting on my Writer's Workshop post. Have a great night!

  • Ange

    100% feel your pain! I have a similar story involving avocado whilst travelling in Argentina (and I don't speak Spanish, so my side of the conversation went something like, "Palta? No palta? NO palta?? Palta???"). Oooh, hope the outcome of the PT is what you hope it be!

  • Spanish Pinay

    Oh I remember those hormonal days of pregnancy too! I was a fountain of tears like you LOL

    I do hope PT result is positive!! Can't wait till you announce that it IS 🙂 My uterus is crying for another one already too, but we just can't be pregnant just yet… must.be.patient.

    post soon about the good news!!

    Spanish Pinay