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This Job Has the Greatest Perks!

When I decided to quit my career and be a work-at-home mommy, I took a big leap and met a lot of apprehensions both from myself and other people. Some think that staying-at-home is a death sentence, that I could die of boredom, some may have even thought that giving up my job was a crazy cop out.  And there I was only thinking about my shoes and how I don’t have anywhere to wear them anymore, I can’t very well play tag with my kid in 3-inch stilettos. Only Victoria Beckham does that and live to tell about it.
Whatever the misconceptions are about stay-at-home moms and work-at-home moms, I really do not care about it anymore. Yes, I am not paid by the hour and yes, I traded my nice spacious cubicle for a laptop and computer table laden with my kids toys (sometimes even my kid) but this job has the greatest perks. 
  • I do not have overtime pay, but I have time to be a mom and a wife. 
  • I do not have an octel, but I get to be there to kiss away every booboo 
  • I do not have a fancy Makati office address or a fancy title, but somehow potty training triumphs seem far more important.   
  • I am not paid in money but in kisses and warm words of  I love you. 
  • At the end of the day, nothing beats “Oh Mommy, you’re a queen” from my kid and “Thanks, lab” from hubby. 
  My Mother’s Day Perks
Chillin’ at Subic Bay 
Zoobic Safari Adventure with my family
Trying my hand at baking
A cupcake monster who eats everything!

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