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My Yummy Adventure at YUMMYEats!

An ingenious culinary adventure! That’s how I would describe YUMMYeats, the first ever cooking and eating fair by YUMMY Magazine, held last Saturday, May 21 at the NBC Tent at The Fort. The event featured cooking demos, a cook-off and THE most amazing array of sweet and savory treats from the best concessionaires especially chosen by Yummy magazine. 

Photos courtesy of BisayainManila
I already had a good feeling going to the event, since it was my mommy’s-day-out and I also won free tickets from Yummy’s FB page. I took my friend, BisayainManila and we could already feel the excitement in the air as we saw the FIC(Fruits in Ice Cream) truck outside the NBC tent, greeted by Yummy staff and met Ms. Minnete Aquino of Yummy as she handed us our tickets. 

From outside the exhibit area, my nose already got a whiff of something good and at the risk of sounding PG (patay-gutom)  I have to say that after all the free food, I had no more room left in my tummy to spare and my palms were numb from clapping. Yes, I make strange noises and clap when I eat something yummy. Get your mind out of the gutter and take a look at my mouthwatering picks. 

Before anything else, let me say that I am a certified carnivore but when I got to taste of Pipino Vegetarian Food’s Mac n’ Cheeze and Tofu Lasagne I am willing to convert and forget all about meat. The Mac n’ Cheeze was absolutely cheesy, it had just the right amount of saltiness with a hint of cream and butter. I thought it was loaded with cheddar but I was surprised to learn that it was actually flavored with yeast and that it did not contain any animal products. The tofu lasagna was light with a burst of fresh basil and the tofu was very soft and mildly flavored, even non-tofu lovers will like this dish. Their restaurant is located at 39 Malingap St., Teachers Village, QC. For reservations you can call  4411773 and they are open from 11am-2pm and 5pm onwards everyday. My carnivore husband will take some convincing but I plan to bring him there for a full-on review. 

Tina’s is a well known stop for Mercato enthusiasts for their savory and frozen meringue pies. When I got a taste of their Mangoes and Roasted Macadamia Nuts Frozen Meringue I understood what the buzz was all about. The meringue was light, fluffy and not too sweet with the delicate flavor of mangoes, the crunch from the roasted macadamia completes the dessert. Since it is not too sweet, I love that I can eat a lot without feeling guilty. For more info on these yummy treats, you can check them out on Facebook

I have often seen their stall in Greenhills Theater Mall but it’s the first time I’ve tried their famous crispy chicken chops. The breading was really crispy and not too thick and the chicken breast itself  was really well seasoned, you get all the flavor without the fat and there’s no need for gravy.

Divine Desserts

If somebody offers you a Wasabi Kitkat Mousse, can you really say NO? Absolutely NOT! At first I thought I’d dread it, but it was actually very sweet with a slight wasabi nudge as opposed to a kick. What I would come back for though is the Double Fudge Cake, the chocolate just melts in your mouth but it doesn’t overpower making you want more. For a taste of their delectable desserts, you can visit their store at 148 Katipunan Ave. or give them a call at 9139875 for deliveries. 

I always reserve the best for last and my absolute favorite is Chef Bruce Lim’s deconstructed Buko(Coconut) Pie Margarita. It’s not an alcoholic drink but a classic buko pie with a modern day twist. I absolutely love it and would never look at buko pie the same way again. The top layer of the dessert  is a velvety smooth mix of buko and cream that tasted almost like macapuno. At the bottom you get the crumbled cookie dough crust, the flavors swirled around my mouth and I was 6 again. It was absolutely to die for, I am not a big buko pie fan but if the Buko Pie Margarita was a man and I was single, I’d marry it! 

Some more Yummy eats!

Mochiko Ice Cream Filled Mochi @ Php 70
A Selection of Cheese from President

WhaPAO Crafty Oven-Baked Meat Buns

Calamansi Squares and Sugar Cookies from Classic Confections and Frozen Caramel from Amaya

From Top Left: The Great Adobo Open by Pinoy Eats World, Jamon de Trevelles by Kusina Teatro, General’s Lechon and Assortment of Savory Treats from Divine Desserts

From Top Left: Merry Moo featured Earl Grey and Salt&Caramel Ice Cream, The Fruit Garden, Simply Pie

An inviting fondant cake from Little Miss OC

The cutest little cupcakes form Little Miss OC

Till’ next YUMMY adventure!

*For a full list of participants click here.

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