UPDATED: Bucket List

Hmmm . . .progress. . . progress . . . now seems like a good time as any to update my bucket list before age sinks in and I start forgetting the things I’ve done and wanted to do. I posted this a while back for Mama Kat’s  writing workshop, I wasn’t able to do a lot but I think I’m ready to add in new ones.  
It’s funny how much the things I wanted have changed but in a way still stayed the same. 

  1. Go to an underwater aquarium. Run a marathon! (I’m starting small with 3K)
  2. Learn to REALLY  SOMEHOW play the piano.
  3. Teach my daughter to REALLY play the piano. Will revisit in a few months, she seems to like dancing more πŸ˜‰
  4. Write my own cook book.
  5. Ride a zip line with my hubby.
  6. Understand my Income Tax statement .
  7. Join Habitat for Humanity
  8. Scuba dive and not be afraid of the fish.
  9. Make my own dress.
  10. Build my own house (at least part of it)
  11. Skinny-dip in the ocean. Flashback: I just remembered I did this already, way, way, way before I was married.
  12. Swim with dolphins.
  13. Ride a carabao. I did this too when I was a kid, but I wanna do it again!
  14. Go camping and roast marshmallows with my husband and daughter.
  15. Sing on stage at someones concert.
  16. Feed the hungry.Do I not do this everyday??? Hmmm
  17. Help make someones life better.
  18. Have 1000 friends on my Facebook.
  19. Go to Korea’s Kimchi Museum.
  20. Go to Korea’s Teddy Bear Museum.
  21. Go back to sketching.
  22. Learn all 26 Bikram Yoga poses and do them correctly. Still trying πŸ˜‰
  23. Have a donkey ride in Santorini.
  24. Celebrate my daughter’s 18th birthday.
  25. See my daughter graduate college.
  26. Edit my wedding video, if I can find it. No luck finding it so far ;-(
  27. Fit into my wedding gown, again! No luck with that either ;-(
  28. Play hide and seek on the train.
  29. Have a spa weekend with my girl friends.
  30. Help make someone else’s dream come true.
  31. Curl my hair. Foam rollers are my best friend πŸ˜‰
  32. Celebrate my birthday in an orphanage.
  33. Run barefoot in an open field.
  34. See my high school ex and ignore him!
  35. Finish my scrap book.
  36. Learn to dance properly.
  37. Start my own business. Getting there! Wish me luck!
  38. See a real wishing well. Last year we went back to Chocolate Hills (thanks to my mother-in-law) to the well where I wished to marry my husband. Apparently, it was a REAL wishing well. I don’t care what anybody says!
  39. Cut Justin Bieber’s hair. Probably not gonna happen. tsk tsk tsk
  40. Learn to ride a bike. 
  41. Sit by the beach with a bottle of wine.
  42. Go on a road trip alone.
  43. Try an exotic cuisine.
  44. See my daughter married to a good person.
  45. Spoil my grand kids.
  46. Be wrapped in chocolate.
  47. Watch Cats the musical. No luck with that, none with Taylor Swift either ;-9
  48. Have a chat with Isabel Allende. Online counts, right?
  49. Eat breakfast food all day in my pajamas.
  50. Be a studio guest in any Food Network Show.
  51. Punch Barney. (Sorry Barney lovers!)
  52. Take my family to Disney.
  53. Have the strength to eat bitter gourd (ampalaya).
  54. Have a star named after me.
  55. Plant a tree. . . again.
  56. Make paper dolls with my daughter Not just any paper dolls, ballerina paper dolls, mind you.
  57. Plan the next baby. 
  58. Perfect my mom’s paella recipe. I am near surrender with this one.
  59. Learn a sport. Tweeting is a sport, right?!
  60. Support a charitable foundation.
  61. Clean the second bedroom. It got messy again, too bad!
  62. Be a registered voter. Tsk tsk tsk!
  63. Visit my sister so she’ll continue reading my blog!
  64. Travel on a hot air balloon.
  65. Sit on a porch with my hubby.  With wine, too!
  66. Be nicer to the stalker like sales-staff in the nearby department store.
  67. Quit my vices . . . soon.
  68. Live near the ocean.
  69. Drink hot coffee while wrapped in a blanket on a cold morning. This I’ll do again and again.
  70. Teach my daughter the art of drinking without getting drunk.
  71. Be ready with my birds and bees speech.
  72. See all my siblings.
  73. Party like no one is watching.  Been there, done that. No thanks!
  74. Adopt a dog from the pound.
  75. Fly a kite.
  76. Get a dolphin tattoo and never show my kids.
  77. Figure out the correct combination to get a moshling. I got a few in my garden now. Yay me!
  78. Color my husband’s gray hair.
  79. Spend a weekend away with my husband.
  80. Paint my toe nails red.
  81. Learn Korean. I know a few phrases now, but not enough to save my life;-(
  82. Walk in the rain.
  83. Have a professional photo taken. We started a Valentine tradition last year to get our family pictures taken. You can see the latest ones on this post. Tada!
  84. Run around a public fountain screaming.
  85. Wear a mascot costume and hug kids.
  86. Try the walk-on-water-ball in MOA.
  87. Join a paint ball match and actually hit someone.
  88. Get the biggest stuff toy from a claw crane vending machine.
  89. Have a trust fund for my kid/s.
  90. Climb a volcano.
  91. Build a tree house.
  92. Write a memoir and insist that it be read on my deathbed.
  93. Give someone good advice (solicited, of course).Something to do now and again.
  94. See the next lunar eclipse with my husband.
  95. Forgive. Something to do now and again.
  96. Be forgiven. Something to ask for now and again.
Much love to the person who helps me, humors me and supports me to complete my list πŸ˜‰
Thanks to Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop prompt,click below if you’re interested.
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