Prodigal Son

The parable of the prodigal son is a well known story of a parent’s unconditional love for a son who squandered his life away. It goes on that after all the rock star living, the son returns poor and desolate, still father celebrates, the son was lost and now found again. For a parent forgiveness comes easy, for a sibling, not so. What do you do for a sibling who has gone astray and hasn’t been found yet. Is helping the right thing to do? What is the RIGHT way to help in the first place?  
I have been mulling over this for the past couple of days, I even asked hubby what the Christian thing to do was. Of course we are both stumped, why you may ask? We are parents. When we were younger, helping out people in dire situations came easy, before we had our daughter we never saved anything for ourselves.Now, we hold back. Now, we are selfish. Now, we are parents. 
Standing still and watching someone gain the strength and wisdom to make things right on their own, is a form of helping. I guess. 
I am my brothers keeper and we are in a sense orphans. Now, I have to stand in the sidelines, separate my self. Still, I keep the door ajar. 

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  • bisaya in manila

    This is actually a hard thing to decide on. Very difficult for a sibling. Easy for a parent I guess..You have to consider all the repercussions of your possible actions and if they may be good or bad for your brother/sister but then we don't know how they will take it….