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Little Gothic Pumpkin Girl

Here in the Philippines, doing Trick or Treat is not really a well known concept. Mostly during Halloween, families camp in cemeteries to visit their loved ones graves. This is also a good time for family reunions and  the younger crowd often hit the clubs and pull all nighters, getting wasted on Bloody Marys.

Having a toddler run amok in a cemetery is a certified mommy-nightmare. Good thing we have malls for that now. Yesterday we hit two spots with our Little Gothic Pumpkin Girl. First stop was at SM North Sky Garden and played around the Pumpkin Patch and caught a few glimpses of the Fashionista Pooch dog fashion show. 

The Goofy Pumpkin vs Little Gothic Pumpkin Girl
“Daddy, what you doin’?”
“Errr? Where’d my head go?”
Milk Break

They also had Trick or Treat, but it was only for certain hours and since we got there in the afternoon, there was no more candy. I ended up buying stuff for Sofie, every time she was told that there was no candy her dad and I would put stuff in her loot bag, she got a bag of popcorn, a pink belt, a DVD with about a hundred and fifty songs and EggNog ( it was her “baon” from home). SM North had great events planned out like Meet and Greet with Hansel and Gretel and Dracula, but there was just way too many people so we trooped to the next mall. 

We were able to get more candy in Trinoma, they had Trick or Treat the whole day. They also had a Cirque Festival with aerial dancers and a mentalist. There was of course a lot of people so it was kind of hard to go to the events. However, I think my Little Gothic Pumpkin Girl was more into shopping than anything else, so we just did some early Christmas Shopping. I swear if ever there was a shopping gene, she’s got it. She’d look at shoes with me and try them on, she even picked up a pair of pink sling back heels and said “this one!!!” Tsk tsk tsk!

The Rumored Shopping Gene
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