Saturday Six

Saturday Six

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1.) List 3 celebrities that you would throat punch if given a free pass to throat punch them, and tell us why you picked them.

  • Katrina Halili – Sorry Katrina fans, but really what was she thinking?!
  • Paris Hilton – she really needs a good smack down to get some sense in to her.
  • Barney – I know kids love him, but a purple dino with arms sticking out of his hips?! Really! I don’t know if I’d punch him or run the other way, fast!

2.) Would you spend the night *wink wink* *nudge nudge* with someone other than your significant other for a million dollars?
Hell NO! . . . is it Patrick Dempsey? If it is I might have a hard time declining. . . his McDreamy, c’mon!
3.) Is it just me, or is Kat Von D one of the stupidest people on earth for dating Jesse James AFTER the world found out that he’s a man whore and also one of the stupidest people on earth?
Haha! And she’s a cross between Sandra Bullock and his other ex too!
4.) Which would you choose, true love with a guarantee of a heart break or have never loved before?
True love all the way!
5.) Do you consider yourself ‘old fashioned’ or more ‘modern’?
It depends, when it comes to fashion,technology and education I’d say “modern”. Now if were talking about my daughter, bring out the Maria Clara outfit! I’d be old school all the way!
6.) What’s your favorite thing about the opposite sex?

err! nothing at this point! hahahaha!

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