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Dating Hubby: Moon Garden

One of the things we promised each other when we got married was, we will always make time dating each other no matter what. We’re not able to do it as often as we want, but we try to make most of our little escapades. One of our favorite places is Moon Garden in Tagaytay.

It’s a Balinese inspired B&B, with about eleven or so individual casitas or stone cottages right smack in the middle of a pineapple plantation. Nestled between soft rolling hills, its about ten minutes off the Taal Volcano ridge. The place gives you a feeling of being Alice in Wonderland, the food is so fresh, the staff friendly, you wouldn’t want the weekend to end.

Nothing says good morning like a perfectly brewed Barako Coffee, homemade corned beef and paksiw na conchinillo (roasted suckling pig stewed in native vinegar).

Another thing we loved about the place is the bathroom, it has a sunroof over the shower and NO DOORS! Yup! Only a divider where they have the sink and the other side of that is the king sized bed.

The casita is a true blue honeymoon suite with a king sized bed and a really sturdy mahogany table. They don’t have air conditioning but in Tagaytay, you don’t really need it, there’s a floor to ceiling window on one side of the wall letting fresh mountain breeze flow in. 
They have a lot of nooks and crannies hidden all over the garden, all you need is a good book and your all set. Art lovers will love the floral murals scattered all over the place.

I guess the best thing about the whole place is that they have male models walking around EVERYWHERE!

I swear, this particular one was eye-stalking me! I was like “You know I’m taken, right?”

*Check out their site, Peter, the owner is very accommodating. 

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  • RONE

    I had lunch here over 2 years ago and the rooms were still being build. It was very homey and serene when I went, it looks even better now.