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Crazy over Yummy!

Nothing beats good home cooked food, smells wafting from the kitchen is enough to make even the darkest day a little happier. I find cooking therapeutic and whenever I’m down, my husband says I cook so much food, enough to sell in a carinderia (mini resto). He ends up lugging them in food containers to share with  people in his office. Like what I’ve been doing the past few days! Haha! 
For inspiration and comfort I go to my Yummy Magazine! You can say that I’ve gone crazy over Yummy, I’m the girl who keeps her food mags and cookbooks in a locked book case but leaves the encyclopedia in an open shelf! I make sure to get my copy as soon as it’s out and hubby knows betther than to interrupt me when I’m having my “YumMe” time.
I’m not a recipe follower, I like experimenting and reinventing recipe’s with what I have in my pantry. What I love about Yummy are the flexible recipes and the restaurant reviews. They also have a recipe guide for every day of the week and a grocery feature to let you know what’s out there. I’m a Shopwise fanatic, I can’t seem to do my grocery shopping effectively anywhere else, but the stores featured are just so intriguing and bursting with good food that I just might break my loyalty to my neighborhood store.
This month’s issue is all about Filipino dishes and I love the adobo series. I have to confess that of all the things I can cook well, adobo and rice are the hardest and I’m a Filipina! This month’s issue will definitely be revered after I get the redwine adobong tadyang(beef ribs adobo) perfected. I’ll be making it for lunch and we’ll see how it goes.

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