baby and mommy,  WAHM

Mommy, wheshu heamdband?

Being a work at home mom, as I mentioned before, has its perks. However, it also has its  difficulties. I tried to have a separate place where I can work, but having a toddler stuck to my hip, there was no way.
Sofie is currently addicted to headbands. Yeah, a regular Blair Waldorf wannabe! She picked out this bunny/piglet ear headband last week and hasn’t stopped wearing it since. Well that is, until the other day, she began insisting I wear it,! 
Whenever I took it off, she’ll pounce on me and ask “Wheshu heamdband?” 
I was like, “Don’t know, it’s just there.” 
She’s like “Wheshu heamdband?” 
I was like “Mommy’s working”
And she was all “Mommy, wheshu heamdband?!?” 

Then she makes a mess of everything, just to unearth the pink thing from where ever and put it back on my head.
It’s really quite hard to reprimand a child and be believable, when you look like this.

I Skyped my husband that I was loosing patience with Sofie. I needed someone to calm me, but he was in a meeting and did not reply. So I did what anyone in my position would do. 

I went all Hansel and Gretel  and  I.ATE.HER! 

Kidding! No, really I wanted to but she was too squirmy and a bit salty!
So we just played with “Mommy Lahtop”. . . .
She won, I lost. . . .  
I had bunny/piggy ears and I lost!
But who wouldn’t want to loose to her anyway!