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Sometimes Single Mommyhood!

Before I start my ranting, let me clarify that I am not a single mom. I am merely having a drama-queen moment. This is not a reason for all single moms to stop reading. Read on, this is for you!
This started when our nanny ran off to pursue her love life and my husband went away on business for a couple of weeks. Here I was left to my own devices without a husband or a nanny to help me out! Some of you may say “nanny-shmanny” and you’re right! My sweet sometimes overprotective husband always made sure that we (Sofie and I), never go out without him or our nanny. I got so used to it that I really thought an entourage was a necessity.Writing this makes me sound  inadequate, but I already opened my big mouth so I’ll continue.
It was a hard, exhausting, body-aching couple of weeks. Having to go to the grocery store alone. Taking my toddler to the bookstore alone. Having to carry all our stuff. Carrying a baby while desperately wrestling the stroller open. Even getting out of the cab was damn hard. I caught a glimpse of my reflection on the store window and I looked disheveled with my brassiere straps showing. It was nowhere near the “hot momma” look. It was then that it hit me, being a single mom is hard. It’s damn hard. It’s freaking hard! 
Going out with just me and my kid depleted all my energy. I can just imagine going through much tougher times without someone to share with or sometimes yell at. My sometimes-single-mommyhood is just a smidgen compared to being a single mom. Seriously, I salute all single moms out there. For sticking to the job, toughing it out, for being everything to your kids and loving them, I salute you.  
Wooooh! That was a release. Till next time.
Drama-Queen Mommy


  • Witchy Crazy Mommy

    Thanks for reading my post, I know the moniker caused a reaction among single moms. It was not intended,I was writing for my own therapy. As for your question, I met him in college and we're in the Philippines. In our country nannies or "yaya" as we call them are very common and usually becomes part of our family. Labor here is quite cheap, what you would pay a nanny or sitter for 2 days would be enough for 1 month salary of a stay-at-home-nanny. I read some of the views from single moms and found it very eye opening.

  • Debbie

    I signed on here from another link and I wished I could have seen the comments from other single moms. I am guessing they have been deleted. Too bad, could have been an opportunity for good discussion and growth. I am guessing you meant well by what you said, but maybe the key is using a different term other than sometimes single mommyhood. You were in a situation where you were parenting your child by yourself for a period of time. But NEVER were you a single mommy. Being a single mother means that you don't have another parent to talk to, to call, or look forward to coming home EVER. It is not a sometimes status.

  • sara

    Hey there – I agree with you Debbie but I'm more concerned about the rest of the post than the single stuff and I'm a single mom. You don't normally go to the grocery store or to a bookstore by yourself with your kid?? I have a married friend who has left her husband at home and backpacked through Spain with her 8 month old twins. I feel sad for you, this is a very sheltered life. I'm going to pick my jaw off the floor now.